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At Precision Dog Sport we specialize in all levels from basic to competition. Private lessons, board and trains, dog sports, behavior mods, and more. At Precision Dog Sport we provide a balanced training approach where each and every program is tailored to the individual dogs needs. Regardless of breed, size, or age building a lasting relationship with your dog in which they love what they are doing is important. Whether you are looking to brush up on your dogs manners, looking to have an offleash dog or step onto the competition field, you have come to the right place. At Precision Dog Sport, we understand the importance of developing a real world dog training program that brings out each dogs full potential so they fit your families life style.

Private 1-On-1 Lessons

Private 1-On-1 Lessons are just that: individualized lessons where you and your dog will work hands-on one on one with your trainer.

Board & Train

The Board & Train Program is an intense lifestyle training program geared towards those dogs needing extra help overcoming excessive bad habits.

E-Canine Academy

Precision Dog Sport is now proud to offer E-Canine Academy – online dog training for those clients located too far from our training facility to work in person.

Passionate about training

We strive to provide

our clients with the tools to create a solid foundation for their dog. Our goals are to arm you with the knowledge to have calm, relaxed pets who choose to make good choices no matter the situation they are placed in. Through a solid structured routine and obedience both you and your dogs will look forward to the training process.

All levels of obedience, Behavior Modification, Competition Obedience, and Protection Training

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