Precision Dog Sport

Tailored to the individual dogs needs

At Precision Dog Sport we provide a balanced training approach where each and every program is tailored to the individual dogs needs. Regardless of breed, size, or age building a lasting relationship with your dog in which they love what they are doing is important. Whether you are looking to brush up on your dogs manners, looking to have an offleash dog or step onto the competition field, you have come to the right place. At Precision Dog Sport, we understand the importance of developing a real world dog training program that brings out each dogs full potential so they fit your families life style.

We strive to provide our clients with the tools to create a solid foundation for their dog. Our goals are to arm you with the knowledge to have calm, relaxed pets who choose to make good choices no matter the situation they are placed in. Through a solid structured routine and obedience both you and your dogs will look forward to the training process.

Michael Fraas

Owner and Head Trainer

“Recently recognized as one of the “Top 7 Trainers Under 35 Who Are The Future Of Dog Training” I plan on living up to that acknowledgement. I have been passionate about dogs my entire life which allowed me to learn the knack for being able to read dogs very well. After retiring early from my job as a Police Officer I decided to devote all of my energy into learning everything I could about dog training. Recognizing that the dog training world is always evolving I plan on always being at the cutting edge of the industry. Having such a passion for high level obedience and having a few dogs that I train to compete I’ve realized the importance of balance in any training program and that no two dogs can be trained exactly the same. The combination of all these things is why I feel I have accomplished as much as I have in the time that I have been training professionally. Being able to work alongside of an owner and their dog to create a calm relaxed dog that fits their lifestyles allows me to be able to live my dream. I am confident that the passion I have for your dog will be infectious and will drive all of my clients to look at their dogs as members of the family and feel confident in being able to include them in more of their daily routines. Ok enough about me…I am married to my beautiful wife Natalie and have five dogs (Chance, Nova, Loki, Rock and Cooper). Without the support of my wife none of this would be possible and I could not ever thank her enough. As far as my hobbies go I love training dogs. My two Belgian Malinois (Loki and Rock) are being trained to compete in PSA (Protection Sport Association) and the newest addition to our doggie family Copper I plan on possibly doing AKC obedience with. I also love the outdoors so I hike, camp, and travel in my RV allot. I’m always looking for new adventures. Lastly I love to learn. I travel as often as I can to seminars on various dog training topics. I feel you can never be armed with too much information.”

Owner Image