E-Canine Academy

Precision Dog Sport is now proud to offer E-Canine Academy – online dog training for those clients located too far from our training facility to work in person.

During E-Canine Academy, we will work with you via Skype to help build, or rebuild, the relationship between you and your dog. Through virtual consultations, your trainer will assess your situation and provide powerful solutions in a personalized one-on-one format.

Your trainer will work with you to answer your questions and customize a training program for you and your dog, whether you are looking to polish basic manners for your family pet or to lay the groundwork for competitive dog sports. Through E-Canine Academy, you will have the expert knowledge of a personal trainer at your fingertips and all on a schedule that meets your needs.

Some topics to be addressed in your E-Canine Academy may include but are not limited to:
• Understanding body language
• Proper socialization
• Importance of structure and routines
• Praise & rewards
• Lessons on commonly used training tools
• Behavior modification
• Common misperceptions
• Real time critiquing
• Multi-dog homes